Tuesday, June 16, 2009

JT Paintball Masks

JT paintball has been in the the paintball industry for over 20 years and has been designing the best paintball masks. Their true success began in the paintball industry when they introduced the JT Spectra series mask which came stock with a 260 Degree thermal lens. With the introduction of this mask, JT made their mark in the paintball industry.

From that point, the JT mask has evolved over time to be the most recognizable and sought after mask in paintball. Over the years, JT has made over 40 new mask styles and has innovated their design, but nothing can touch the original Spectra series JT Mask.

After the release of the spectra, the JT Mask line expanded and was primarily based of the SPECTRA goggle system which is still the number one mask in paintball. The JT Spectra series mask is currently seen across the paintball industry from tournament to scenario or recreational players.

The original Jt spectra mask featured the following
  • Hard plastic pro-shield mask
  • Many upgrades are available for this paintball goggle system.
  • Includes visor and double paned thermal lens
  • Accepts Spectra lenses
  • JT Mask Thermal Thermal Lens
As JT has evolved, so has the JT Mask line. The have now been catering to each specific segment of the paintball industry. They have JT headshield paintball mask which uses the same basic JT Spectra design but is built for the scenario, recreational or paintballer that just wants maximum safety on the paintball field.

This JT mask comes stock with a thermal lens that is sure not to fog up on the paintball field as well as enough protection to make any parent feel safe about their child playing paintball. This is your sure bet way to keeping safe on the paintball field. Although it may look like a big or cumbersome mask, it is pretty light weight and is very comfortable to wear on the field. This JT Mask uses great foam lining so it will fit well to your face while absorbing a lot of the sweat so it will not run into your eyes when playing. The foam is also very durable and will stay in good condition for a long time.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a JT mask that can handle the rigors of tournament paintball, I would recommend checking out the JT PRO Flex paintball mask. The JT Pro flex

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